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Bring change to your world.

Bell & Beacon Society was created to encourage people to express their thoughts and ideas through hand-writing, journaling, note-taking, sketching or just plain doodling with actual pen or pencil and paper. It’s about getting back to writing thoughts and sentiments on paper and sharing them the old-fashioned way through snail mail.

We make Society Field Sketch Packs and notecard and postcard writing sets to encourage everyone to do these things.

This includes those of us who suffer from too much screen time.

Society Field Sketch Packs are made to inspire you to explore and observe your world and what’s around you, no matter where you are, and put pencil-to-paper. In addition to serving as a vehicle for creative expression, the sketch packs can be a useful organizational tool for work or personal planning or just jotting notes and ideas, and keeping them all in one place. Some like journaling with it. Some keep it simple.

When we stop and observe, we open our minds to new thoughts, and without trying, we tend to become more aware of ourselves and our surroundings. To physically write or sketch or doodle or scribble on paper can create new thoughts and awareness that can become new ideas, unlike using an electronic device. New ideas can create more new ideas. Our brains work differently – we think differently – when we use our hands to write or draw, experience the feel of the tactile quality of the paper and see how a pencil or writing tool mark can be made.

It’s been widely proven that doodling helps people focus, that scribbling helps many relieve frustration and that sketching or writing can be the beginning of something big for anybody. When we do put pencil to paper, the ideas or images we record leave a deeper, longer impression and become more committed to our memory than any kind of digital interaction or creation. This also is how we can change our minds. Science tells us that when we learn something new, we literally change and expand the brain’s neural capacity. We become smarter. And through regular practice of doodling, writing or sketching, we also become happier and healthier. We are all born knowing how to be creative in our own ways and draw or sketch our thoughts, no matter how they seem to appear to ourselves or others.

Society gets you back to using a pen or pencil and paper instead of a device and can change the way you think. Imagine it not as a chore, but as a relief or an opportunity to (re)connect with yourself and do some sketching (anyone can sketch) or writing, or connect with someone you know by sending them a hand-written note to say ‘hi’. Something different.

keep. it. simple.